RayBella are Raymond and Gabriella Moliné, a spirited artist couple, residing on Maui. They elude any specific definition as their creative projects are ever-changing, like the present moment.

Ray and Bella are deeply committed to expand beyond conditioned beliefs and social limitations. Their source of inspiration is Life itself. In order to access their innermost emotional and visual libraries, they utilize a conscious meditative technique.

RayBella’s contemporary style offers a unique perspective and an experience of the unexpected.

Ray and Bella love to do commissions, because they offer the opportunity to precisely meet the wishes of each client. Their passion soars with every chance to personalize a commissioned piece to the desired the size, color palette and theme. As conduits for Paradigm Shifts it is exciting for them to match the frequencies in the energy tattoos to transform the ecology of the intended space.

The forthcoming multi-media/book “The Pono Way®” reflects Ray and Bella’s life’s purpose to share a new paradigm of conscious practices to influence change through who we are being.

Currently they orchestrate vibrant Art Events, as well as hosting Meditations Groups, Transformational Retreats, Public Speaking appearances and conscious exchanges for diverse creative collaborations.

Feel free to contact us for more information, or to design your unique PONOSCAPE, that will transform the energy of YOUR home, office or business space. 

Coaching: www.theponoway.com

Retreats: www.ponoretreats.com