The PONOSCAPES art series by RayBella features hidden Energy Tattoos inspired by Sacred Geometry. They are created on the back of each painting.

These works of art are intentionally designed to enhance the ecology of the space in which it resides. Energy Tattos naturally elevate the vibrational state of the observer. Being in the presence of a PONOSCAPE evokes a sense of harmony, joy, healing and wellbeing.

Each of the 17 vials, inserted deep within the wood, is infused with high frequency materials and specifically placed to create a synergistic connection.

Positioned 22.5 ° apart, these vials create a relationship with each other, radiating a balanced energetic field that transforms the ambiance of a space.

Each Energy Tattoo is unique and transmits a different frequency. The vials are filled one-by-one in a sacred ceremony, their content is completely aligned with the intension of the art work. Each Energy Tattoo is infused with an individual combination of high frequency materials.

Depending on the desired intension they have a balancing effect promoting harmony, unity and peace. Energy Tattoos contribute to energetic healing, cleansing and transformation. For those who seek to be empowered and inspired, they can be designed to uplift the spirit and exude potent energies.

All of the vibrational materials used are of the highest quality. Some are collected from sacred places on Maui, or selected from known energy vortexes around the world.

In Hawaiian culture, the truth is often hidden in plain sight. It is about the subtleties, rather than what is apparent at a first glance.

Most Energy Tattoos are hidden on the backside of each painting. They an invitation to sense beyond the obvious. It is our intention to convey what is concealed within the message. The viewer is encouraged to explore and discover.

There is no hidden agenda, no directive, only a feeling-based interaction to engage the observer on the cellular level. It is a form of visual mediation, a beautiful gateway to the inner Self. The Beginning of a Relationship Within...