In Hawaiian culture, Mana is the word for universal life energy and healing power. “MANA LOA” means great power and is reflected in a life of balance and harmony.

It is a Hawaiian belief that MANA is gained through pono (righteousness) actions, reflecting the balance that exists in the world.

Certain sites in the Hawaiian Islands are believed to possess strong MANA. For example, the top rim of the Haleakala volcano on the island of Maui is considered to be a location of powerful MANA.

The “MANA LOA” triptych speaks about the unity of the land and the sea, from Mauka to Makai. It combines the silhouette of the Maui Mountains with the crater of Haleakala on the right, and the balanced flow of the waves of the glistening Pacific Ocean.

The Energy Tattoo on the back of “MANA LOA” spans over all three parts of the triptych. It radiates the frequencies of balance, healing and spiritual life force energy, which elevates the natural state of everyone in its close proximity.

Triptych 59” x 45”

Metal, Acrylic Paint, Canvas,

Gold Leaf, Pencil, Glass on Wood

High Frequency Materials