Art is a natural extension of who we are. Our artistic creations reflect our background in energy transformation, metaphysics and healing arts. We live our passions through numerous creative outlets, which allow us to explore and express our relationship with everything. It is the continuous discovery and implementation of ancient truth into our daily activities. 

Each piece of art is intentionally designed to enhance the ecology of the space in which it resides. It naturally elevates the vibrational state of the observer.

Every piece of art that we create is imprinted by our state of being. We see it as our personal responsibility to maintain the pure frequency of pono - balance, peace, and excellence - when producing a PONOSCAPE painting or a sculpture. This is our sacred process that eludes the eye, an unseen element that is infused within the paint, wood, metal and canvas of each piece.

Being in the presence of a PONOSCAPE evokes a sense of  
harmony, joy, healing and the energy of love.

The Hawaiian culture has deeply influenced our way of life. For us, it is about the subtleties, rather than what is apparent at a first glance. PONOSCAPES are an invitation to look beyond the obvious. It is our intention for the observer to receive the message that is concealed within the art piece. We like to encourage exploration and discovery. There is no hidden agenda, or directive... only a feeling-based interaction on the cellular level. It is a form of visual mediation.... a beautiful gateway to the inner Self... 
                              ...The Beginning of a Relationship Within!